Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday morning OOPS and more reasons Walmart totally SUCKS.

Today I am thankful for running buddies with AAA.

I woke up bright and early at 5am this morning to meet Karen for a run. I pulled into the parking lot near the trail, and was almost all ready to go. I went to throw my purse and phone in my trunk and in the middle of all that had second thoughts about whether or not I wanted to wear my jacket. I was so concerned with my jacket that I completely forgot I set my car key down in my trunk. I slammed it closed and the second it latched shut I said, “Yeah, I just locked my keys in my trunk.” So yeah, that happened. 

Thank the LORD Karen had AAA who came and rescued me. The good news was while we were waiting we still had time to get a little run in, so all was not lost. 

You’d think I’d be limited to only one stupid move per day right? Wrong. Because later on lunch, I took a near deadly tumble off a curb and into the side of my car.

That’s what I get for pretending I’m a big shot and wearing heels to work. What was I thinking trying to waltz around with two extra inches for nine hours?! FAIL.

Anyways, after a crazy morning, I mixed up my usual scrambled egg/egg whites with a side of some oats that I’d let sit in the fridge overnight with some almond milk. I sliced up some banana and threw in about a teaspoon of peanut butter and it hit the freakin’ spot. I repeat. Hit the freakin’ spot.

Speaking of food, (I know right?) last night I made my weekly grocery store run. Side note - I would just like to say THANK YOU to the white trash meth mouthed teen mom screaming profanities at her toddler, for reminding me why I’ve stayed away from Walmart for all these years. Thank you for redirecting my business to my beloved Trader Joe’s and Target.  I will never make that mistake AGAIN.

Anyways, I’ve been craving sweet and salty trail mix like CRAZY lately. I knew I had almonds, dark chocolate chips, and peanuts at home. So while I was out I picked up some oyster crackers (98 cents?!) and raisins and threw it all together in a bowl of gloriousness, and now I am one happy girl.

Do you think Allison and I should postpone our trip to Boston till Winter? Because we NEED to stroll around Boston wearing these. 

Don't worry, coordinating visors are plan B. Coordinating fanny packs are plan C. 
We will keep you posted. 

I was totes stoked (yeah, I just said that) to try out our new pots and pans for dinner and I LOOOOOVE them. They are the Bialetti Aeternum red non-stick set from Bed Bath and Beyond and they are fantastic. PROOF.

Taylor and I have a run date tomorrow night and I am BEYOND excited. 
But now, I have a date with my bed. 



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