Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Monday Runday: Zombies on the Treadmill

Wanna know what motivates me to run? ZOMBIES.

Also, zombie herds. AKA lots of zombies. If you are looking to make serious improvements in your pace just flip on an episode of The Walking Dead and your run will fly by. Never mind the fact that you will also get strange/horrified stares from the lady on the treadmill next to you wondering why in God's name you are watching Daryl dig through Zombie guts looking for Sophia. She obviously doesn't get it.

End result, 5 miles at an easy 9:10 pace.

It's been a while since you've seen a gym selfie. I thought you'd appreciate this.
I didn't watch the Oscars because we don't have TV, but I did browse the interwebs today to catch up on the red carpet fashion and to recap on the winners.

A few things:

Ellen can do no wrong.

I, like everyone else on planet earth, LOVE Jared Leto.

Lupita's acceptance speech made me cry. Also, SIDE NOTE - I try not to be superficial (well I don't really try that hard) but her ARMS! Holy hell I CAN'T STOP STARING. I need to be put on her fitness regime ASAP.

And lastly, I wonder if Olivie Wilde and Jason Sudekis will adopt me because they are perhaps my favorite celeb couple and this only fuels my fire. Post-Oscar's pit stop at In-N-Out? My kinda couple.

Yesterday morning came early.


But Bootcamp waits for no man and in case y'all have forgotten, I'm getting married in 53 days. YIKES.

My very warm and valentine colored 5am outfit of choice. I really am a stunner.

So all this icy nonsense has left my car embarrassingly dirty.

My windshield is a whole new level of nasty but because it never got above freezing today I couldn't even spray the wiper fluid to clear that SOB off. ANNOYING

On my daily Target run (I wish I was exaggerating...) I saw THESE.

I'm impressed and grossed out all at the same freaking time. I hate Jelly Beans. But I love brightly colored packaging. Oh how I am torn.

And this is my new favorite snack.

It's a weird and delightful combination of toasty sesame seeds and sweet honey almond butter. I honestly eat EVERYTHING.

Things I would like you all to volunteer for. Pick one, any one.

Washing my car (see above)
Packing up my room (because I move in TWELVE/ELEVEN days!)
Reminding me to get some green in my meals.

My plate looks like all the colors of a sunset.



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