Tuesday, March 11, 2014

If you don't have Adult ADD, you probably aren't very fun.

If you could see me try to sit down and write a blog post, you'd understand my lack of consistency. I self-diagnosed myself with Adult ADD tonight, and chances are, you probably have it too.
I mean, PEOPLE. Read that list. I think we've all got Adult ADD, and if you don't then you probably aren't very fun. Eating, drinking, and shopping in excess??? Is there even any other way to do these things? I'm confused. Anyways, now, as always, here come today's thoughts and happenings in no particular order! Thanks AADD for being so gosh darn inspiring.
Recent social media pet peeve:

Positively unnecessary.

And, effective immediately: I’m going to start unfollowing people on Instagram that make me hate myself. Some people may find pictures of flat stomachs and muscles inspiring. I, do not. So if you notice I’ve unfollowed you in the next few days, it’s because you are either too in shape, too pretty, or too rich to be in my news feed. Take it as a compliment. And if you are on any kind of tropical/relaxing vacation, this applies to you as well. Once you return to your boring life back in your cell cubicle, we can be friends again.
This bitch knocked out ALL FOUR THINGS in one picture. Bye bye Gisele.
Oh I almost forgot to tell you! I found this at Target today and so much excitement bubbled up within me I felt like I was going to explode all over the aisle like a giant zit of happiness. That's gross. But true. 
I think I know what Taylor's wedding present will be!
Friday night a bunch of my favorite people got together for an epic girl's night on the town. D-town, that is. We hit up reunion tower for fancy drinks, had some amazing Mexican food at our favorite place in the world, and danced the night away. It's what we do.
Fancy dress, heels, hair not in a ponytail? Take a good hard look, because I may not even look this fancy on my wedding day. Which in case you've forgotten is just 45 days away!
And in case you've forgotten how cute this guy is, here is your reminder.
In other news, I'm mysteriously absent over this weekend it's because I'm moving! I can't even express to you the chaos that is my room right now. Well actually, yes I can. In photographic form.
I know you didn't really care. But I wanted to show you anyways. BOXES EVERYWHERE. And poor Sydney's living room has been taken over by bridal shower number one. (Yes, that's right, I said one. As in, there is another.)
SPOILED ROTTEN! :) That's all I've got to say about that.
The shower was thrown this past weekend by some of my awesome bridesmaids and hosted by a good friend of my mom. 
Treats EVERYWHERE! Those chocolate covered strawberries alone are worth getting married for :)
Sweet sweet friends! They've my fave.
Too much cuteness!
Mom and future MIL!
And shout out to this beautiful friend of mine for coordinating all the RSVPs and making everything so adorable! You are my fave. And also, gimme your hair.
Tonight, run coach Karen (that's how I'm going to refer to her from now on) and I got a very hot (and let's be honest, pretty miserable) 4 mile run in. It wasn't necessarily my fave because it reminded me that this will pretty much be my life for the next, ohhh, SEVEN MONTHS or so.
But you can't beat a run with good conversation. And boy, I sure do love Daylight Savings.
And then, PIZZA. And wine, because I believe firmly that pizza should never be enjoyed without wine.

BBQ chicken+onions+tomatoes+cilantro+extracheese+pineapple= tropical vacation, in my mouth.

And PS if you haven't gotten your Pie Five BOGO free pizza yet you are a crazy person. Pie Five is the bomb. It's like subway for pizza and who doesn't love that thought? And two nights worth of {giant} dinners for $7? Yes please. 


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