Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday: Obsessed

So, yes, I have been MIA once again, for nearly a week. But hopefully tonight's bloggity will make up for my absence. I AM SO EXCITED. Tonight is the night I have been impatiently waiting for! Read my lips: BACHELORETTE! I know that everyone in out there in the blogosphere is dying to hear all of my opinions and thoughts. So worry no more! Tonight you shall have them :)

Before I dive in, I want everyone to know exactly how serious I am when it comes to The Bachelorette. This is not just a show, entertainment, or something to do with my Monday nights. Until August 1st, (season finale, duh) The Bachelorette is my fixation. Ashley, Chris Harrison, JP, Ames, Ben, Constantine...the whole gang...they're like my best friends right now. I've read every spoiler, watched every interview, and bought every magazine with Ashley's face on it. Trust me- I'm into this. To prove it, here's a snapshot of my to-do list for today.

I'm not even joking.

That being said, could there have been any  more broken hearts on tonight's episode?! I mean, Me, Ryan, Lucas, Ashley, Brad & Emily, Me....Oh wait I already said me. The point is tonight was SAD. Except for Ames' red pants, Lucas' kimono, and the part where a little Taiwanese dog peed on Ash and Constantine's love lantern. (Yeah, if you dont wait around for the funny scenes during the credits you're totally missing out.) Anyways. Heart-break-ing. Here are some of my brief  thoughts on each guy. 
  • Hey Ryan, remember that one time you finally got your one-on-one with Ash and you spent the entire time talking about water heaters???! I do. Ryan has gotten on my nerves since the second he got that first impression rose. I've been ready for him to go home for a looooong time. However, when his little face dropped, and he said "What? You don't want to meet my family??" I nearly burst into tears. Poor little Ry-Ry. He was so heartbroken I thought he was gonna puke in the bushes. But you were never right for each other so smell ya lata. 
  • Constantine, I really do admire your honesty. He's not gonna fake some gut feeling just to make Ash happy, and you've gotta give that kind of honesty major props. He's a great guy, and I can't wait to see him around his family. But bottom line, there's not much of a spark yet. They know it, and we know it. We're getting down to the wire and this guy's just not ready for marriage.
  • Ben, you are everything Ashley wants for her future, except, you aren't MAN enough. Ben is funny, cute, smart, (has a really dorky Taylor Lautner-ish voice, but whatevs I'm looking past it) and certainly has an undeniable chemistry with Ash. But there's something missing. And tonight I figured out what it is. He's just not the man that Ashley needs. Sorry Benny boo. {P.S. Get a haircut.}
  • Lucas just really wants to be married again. I don't think he wants Ashley, he just wants a wifey. He's a really great guy, a total gentleman and I definitely enjoyed seeing him in a gold man-dress tonight. Sorry you had to go all the way back to Odessa but it just wasn't there man. 
  • Ames, you are the most hilarious person to ever grace the stage of the Bachelorette.  Seriously, those red pants!?! So wonderfully weird. And did anyone else hear his genuine congratulations on the group date when JP came back with the rose? Now that's funny. 
  • JP, you're an angel and that's all I have to say about you. Team JP all the way!
  • Oh and Ashley, that green dress she wore on the group date was to die for! Gimme gimme gimme.
So that's that. I can't believe hometown dates are next week! Just another reminder that summer is going by so so fast! If you're a Bachelorette fan with an opinion, or just want to let me know how ridiculous you think it is that I can have so much to say about a reality show, leave some  love :)

Happy Monday!



P.S. Almost forgot my kitchen goddess account! Mondays are now my days off. And I'm lovin' the extended three day weekends. So today was spent running around, doing laundry, and finally preparing to make Southwestern Egg Rolls for din. I did change a few things. Added a little spinach, mexican cheese, and a little bit of red onion. They were SCRUMPTIOUS!  And I'll probably be munching on them for breakfast tomorrow.

Jack and I devoured these while glued to the TV tonight!
They were perfect for Monday night dinner on the couch.
P.S.S. Check back tomorrow for Top Ten Tuesday :)


  1. You are seriously too cute for your own good! I don't even watch the Bachelorette and I still loved everything about this post...stop being so adorable!

  2. Wanna know something sad? Bachelorette was on my to do list, too! :) Except that I absolutely HATE this season. Hate it. I mean, I love JP and all, but Ashley is just ugh. And I definitely thought that Constantine was Ben through their whole date. They look eerily similar! Creepy! Do you read Reality Steve? Hilarious. You should if you don't. :) Keep up the blogging!

  3. Heather! Yes! I read reality Steven like its the Bible, I'm 100% sure he is dead on for EVERY prediction this season!



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