Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Wishlist

Can I just start this by bragging that I successfully slept in until TEN this morning?!?!! Not five, not seven, not eight, but TEN! Oh man, felt good.

I'm super dope stoked (shh) about this Wednesday Wishlist. Primarily because Friday is payday and I am making it my main goal to purchase at least one thing on this week's list! (I'm thinking pants or bow...) So enjoy!


I. love. this. cam-cam. It just screams classy. (Though I guess if you're screaming classy, you're anything but.) I went to Florida two summers ago, and dropped my camera in the sand. You wouldn't think a little sand could be the end of a camera. Oh, but it was. So ever since then I haven't really had a camera. I've used my phone, or jacked other people's cams when I went somewhere really cool. Yeah, I'm such a cheapo that in two years I haven't bothered to buy a new camera because I don't feel like shelling out a hundred bucks. I know, it's sad to be me. But I adore this one. I'm so into gold right now it's not even funny. I love it. And I know my birthday already passed, but alot of you just weren't there so I'll make you a deal. Buy this for me and I'll take a picture with you and put it on my bloggity. I know, you're so compelled.



Harem pants. They are so fabulous right now. I love the way Shenae Grimes paired them with a cute tank for that effortlessly casual look. And I also love the dressy feel of Kim's. They knock regular black slacks out of the park and you know they've gotta be ten times more comfortable. And super flattering! They carve out a tiny little waste and elongate the legs like crazy. Case in point, I need a pair. 


Since we've already touched on things that I've destroyed, I might as well throw this in there. Funny story about this watch. And by funny I mean tragic. Here's the thing. I am a terrible person. I wanted this watch so so bad for my birthday. I hinted and hinted and then finally, come birthday my sweet Taylor delivered! That little pink Betsey Johnson box. It was perfect. Shiny black, sparkly. Nice enough to be dressy but subtle enough to wear everyday. Exactly what I'd wanted. Fast forward just a week and a half later and guess what? I can't find my watch. So I proceed to freak out, tear my room apart, sob like a baby, and wonder how in the hell I could've misplaced that thing. Guess where I found it. Give up? In the washing machine. Guess what I did. Washed my brand-spankin-new Betsey Johnson watch. Yep. I did that. I mean, seriously: who does that?! So lesson learned, don't give me anything nice, because I will destroy it. This week, I'm wishing for just another chance with my perfect little watch. 
(P.S. Babe, sorry for the ten  millionth time. I promise it hurts me more than it hurts you.)


I've been bringing Gossip Girl back this week. I'm watching Season 2 (the only season I have on DVD) like it's going out of style. I don't care who you are, Blair Waldorf can rock a headband. And I love this one. I honestly do feel like the big bow thing is fading out of style pretty quickly, but this one is too cute for words. And that yellow? Adorable. Also, give me this chick's hair. 


Last but not least, this is so cute. A little irrational. One because I live in Texas which is on its way to becoming the Sahara, and two because it's like a hundred bucks. But how gorgeous right? How cute would this be in pictures, or hanging from the ceiling like this? Love it love it. 

And that's all for this week. Man, I've been such a good little blogger this week! So consistent! Don't get used to it. Now I'm off to lunch at Toshio's with my little Ethan.



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