Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday's Top Ten: Things I Wish I Could Change

Despite last night's shallower-than-hal post dedicated entirely to The Bachelorette, I can be serious sometimes. It's rare when it happens, but it does happen. 

There are so many things I wish I could change. Things about myself, others, the world, society, just so much. Some of them I actually have the power to change, and others I never will. So here's today's...

Top Ten Things I Wish I Could Change:

1. The fact that chocolate is not one of the main food groups.
                Not a lot to say about that. Except that it’d be awesome.

2. The way everyone thinks they are Judge Judy.
                Myself included. I don’t know what it is about mankind that we think it is our divine right and destiny in life to judge everyone and their dog the second they step outside their door. You can’t go anywhere without someone shoving their opinion of you down your throat. If there is one thing I am learning, it’s this. I am not God. I can spend all day judging someone else, their appearance, their lifestyle, their beliefs-what have you, but in the end all I’ve done is present myself as someone with a deep misunderstanding and lack of human respect. Our world is complicated, now more than ever. You will never be able to fully understand why people are the way they are, or why someone acts the way that they do. And the best part is, you don’t have to.

3. My athletic ability.
                Well, it’s not so much a desire to change it as it is a desire to create some out of thin air. Alls I’m sayin is that it’d be nice to play a game with at least a slight chance of winning.  Also, it would make weight loss slightly more probable.

4. My need to be entertained 24/7.
            Think about it. Some calls me up and says, “Hey, what are you doing?” I respond, “Nothing.” That’s a lie. I’m watching TV, or facebooking, or playing Words with Friends, listening to music…something else is going on. Eckhart Tolle says that humans have lost touch with the stillness inside and our connection to nature. We have forgotten what animals and plants still know – how to just be. (No, I don’t read Eckhart Tolle, and yes, I stole that from someone else, but it’s a good point no matter who originally made it.) I need constant entertainment. I can’t just sit still,  without either turning on some form of media, or falling asleep. That’s why I need a hammock. Because surely, if I had a hammock, I could master the art of being.

5. My size of my bank account.
                Oh wait I can change that. Oops.

6. How much people drink cokes.
            It’s just terrible. I am a former Diet Dr. Pepper addict. I know its hard to quit. I know the headaches kill you and all you want is a refreshing burst of delicious sugary fizz, but it’s really just not worth it. If begging and pleading with people to stop pouring straight acid down their throats actually worked, then I could change the world. However, it does not. So please stop drinking Dr. Pepper. I know it’s the nectar of the gods, trust me, I know. But, seriously, please stop. (Also read this & this. Please just consider it!)

7. The rate of illiteracy in this country.
            32 million adults in the U.S. are functionally illiterate. Illiterate to the point that they cannot read a simple sentence. That’s sad. Reading is essential to life. I wish there was more I could do about this, but I think becoming a teacher is a good start.

8. The price of a good purse.
                Call me crazy, but it pains me to shell out twenty bucks for a purse. Pains me. Many of you might be thinking, “Twenty bucks? Cheap purse.” And that right there is what is wrong with this world! My purse collection hasn’t been updated in AGES due to the fact that I refuse to spend on a purse what I could spend on a (cheap) dinner for two! So someone please start making purses in the $10-15 range. (Side note: purse is a really weird looking word when you've been looking at it for awhile. Alright. Carry on.)

9. All the violence.
            If you think I’m na├»ve for wishing that, screw you. I wish that violence didn’t parade itself around so glamorously, in war, in schools, on the streets, everywhere. I wish that the millions of people who live in constant fear in their own homes could finally find some peace.

10. How fast my life is flying by.
            I wish that sixteen didn’t feel like last week. It’s making me feel old. It’s making me feel like next week will be thirty. I don’t know why we don’t believe our parents and grandparents when they tell us that it all goes by so fast. Guess they were right. Who’d a thought?

And that's all I've got.




  1. Ok, so I feel like the DP part was directed at me, and I'm totally ok with that ;) You'll be happy to know I'm down to only one/maybe two a WEEK. Um, hi, that's progress (since I will shamelessly cop to drinking up to 4 a day not too long ago). Also, I think I might steal your Tuesday Ten list, because I LOVE it. Again, quit being so adorable. kloveyoubyeeeee

  2. Do it! It's so much fun! sometimes I wish it was a Tuesday two, because ten is a little hard to come up with at times, but yes! so fun!



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