Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"The world is your oyster." Whatever that means.

I don't really feel like doing a Tuesday Top Ten today. Mainly because I've got like four half-finished Top Ten's and feel more like running my mouth about random crap than actually following through and finishing one of those lists. So today I'm just going to type until something interesting appears on the page. (Good luck right?)

Well, this is what yesterday's to-do list looked like:

1. Dr. Appt
2. Mall-pick up part THREE of Tay's birthday present!
3. Target & Walmart
4. WIN Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton tickets
5. Dinner at Toshio's with Jack and Al

Well, I ALMOST succeeded. I tried my absolute heart out to win those freakin' tickets, and as far as I'm concerned, I'm a miserable failure. I'm not even joking. But I'm not giving up yet. I'll be waiting around and calling all week. And honestly, I've never won anything- ever. Surely, it's my time. So, in conclusion, if anyone wants to volunteer to take shifts to call 99.5 every few hours so that I don't have to glue myself to the radio that would be much appreciated. You don't get to keep the tickets but I'll give you a pat on the back  and five gold stars.

Moving on.

Last night was the Bachelorette. Which was fabulous, obviously. Minus the fact that I nearly started crying when Amesy was sent home. I mean, it's not like I wanted him there, but still. Also, I was really tickled by meeting his family, and even more tickled when his mom said "The world is your oyster." Yes I'm aware that's a phrase, and no I don't have a clue what it means. But as far as I'm concerned she might as well have been wearing Ames' red pants from last week while she said it because that was downright hilar.

However, what was not hilar was Ash and JP's hometown date. Because if the entire thing didn't just make your heart melt, then you're obviously some kind of hybrid human-robot without a soul and you should just leave right now. (Also we learned that Ash was also a figure skater. So I ask you, is there anything this girl CAN'T do??!)

I adore you, JP. (Even though the fact that I can't think of any cutesy pet names for you is tremendously frustrating.) Besides the fact that he is absolutely presh, he is also so hott that it's downright sinful. Check. It. Out.

Reason number 4,987,239,482,309,841,093,809,413 I should move to New York. 

All I know is that I can't believe there are only TWO WEEKS LEFT!!!! 
(Also I'm stoked about Guys Tell All, which is on the Sunday before the finale if you didn't already know, so DON'T miss it!)

And that concludes my opinions of the Bachelorette because I wasn't super impressed/surprised with Constantine or Ben too much and they are still pretty blah. But now...

Awesome stuff that happened this weekend:

  • I got a purse for seven dollars. Apparently my rant about the price of a purse did not go unnoticed. Thanks God. 
  • I ate Wing-Stop. With my Tater Tot. And it was awesome. (Oh yeah, I love Wing-Stop.)
  • I completed present-purchasing for Tay's birthday. (10 days!)
  • I slept alot.
  • I had a banana hot fudge milkshake from Sonic. (I try really hard to come up with awesome things that don't pertain to me being a fatty, but honesty really is the best policy.)
All in all, a good lazy weekend. I promise on your mama that I've got a good Wednesday Wishlist coming up tomorrow so forgive me for being a lame-o today. 



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