Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Wishlist

(I'm still not over the lizard thing, if you're wondering. I slept with one eye open.)


I want Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton tickets. If you didn't know this then you're really not paying attention. 


I've found all these amazing ice cream recipes lately. Last week I found a great looking caramelized banana ice cream recipe. And so now all I need is a badass ice cream maker to make all my frozen treat dreams come true. 


I've been so lazy lately. I used to run all the time. Like two miles everyday. (That's not alot I know, but it's alot for me.) But lately I've just been so lazy. I don't know if it's because it's so ungodly hott, or because I'm just a bum, but I haven't been near as dedicated. So, now, I've decided my new thing is going to be bike riding. For one, I hear it's a killer workout, and for two, look how cute! 
(Side note: I realize that this bike is not the intense workout kinda bike. I am not stupid. I was never serious about getting a workout. Get real.)

Also, if I had this bike I could carry flowers in the basket and ride around like
a hippie handing them out to strangers. Or I could carry some other
types of fabulous goodies and keep them to myself instead of give them
away. Really a bike leaves you with a lot of different options.


I haven't cooked in awhile and I'm feenin' for it real bad. I promise I am making this Friday night for din. How delicous. Grilled salmon with mango avocado salsa, can you say YUM?


A marg. Because I can just tell it's gonna be one of those weeks. Luckily, I'm meeting up with my soul sister tonight after work to satisfy this craving :)

Hugs & Happy Wednesday,


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