Monday, November 19, 2012

A really really really good Monday

First off, please, let's talk about this:

I've been using this conditioner for well over a month
and am just now noticing this.
We'll talk about my observation skills later.

What does this even mean?!?! I have no problem with the unbreakable. It's the seduction part. What is seductive hair? I definitely don't think that my hair qualifies as seductive so clearly Herbal Essences isn't exactly holding up their end of the bargain. I feel pretty strongly that my hair shouldn't be seducing anyone without my consent and approval. And to be honest, if there's going to be any seducing going on, I'd really like to be the one doing it. I'm controlling like that. But seriously. Who is coming up with these shampoo names?

In case you are new here, you should know, I like Mondays. Not as much as I like Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays, but Monday and I are on pretty good terms. When Monday comes around, I'm usually still so energized from the weekend that I don't dread it in the typical way. But even if you are a Monday-hater, one thing that is sure to brighten up your day is a little bit of


Yep. Tonight. 7pm. This. is. HAPPENING.


I also forgot to share a few pictures from my very first golfing experience this weekend. (And by experience I mean reckless golf cart driving, cheering on my boyfriend, and enjoying some Ellen.)

This is how I golf.
(This is probably how you're supposed to golf.)

It was cold as the arctic on Saturday (okay fine it was 65, whatever) so I spent the majority of this golf outing shivering and whining and then randomly laughing because Ellen is a comical genius.


I'm having major ADD brain right now. So I'm just gonna top this randomness off with my Monday Mileage Goals:

Monday: Hip Exercises/Stretches/Rest/Eat lots of candy in honor of Breaking Dawn
Tuesday: 5 miles ('mill run)
WednesdayHip Exercises/Stretches/Rest
Thursday: 6 miles (trail run-gotta burn calories before that delicious Thanksgiving dinner!)
Friday: Bike!
Saturday: Run 7 miles (trail run)
Sunday: Easy long walk or 3-4 mile jog (depending on the hip)

So total weekly mileage goal= roughly 21 miles 

What are everyone's mileage goals this week?

Who's seen Breaking Dawn? Give me your mini review!



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  1. Breaking Dawn was sooooo good!!! I loved every second of it!!



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