Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Favorites

Favorite Song: 
Ho Hey by the Lumineers. Earlier this week I succeeded in singing this song so obnoxiously and repetitively that I was able to get it stuck in everyone's heads. Score for Natalie. Listen to it. You'll be in love. Promise.

You're my sweeetheeeeeeeaaaaaaaarrrtt.

Favorite Blog Obsession: 
Hungry Runner Girl Y'all. Totally OBSESSED. The perfect mix of hilarious and inspirational. It's the kindove blog that the entire time you're reading you're thinking "WE COULD BE BEST FRIENDS!" Read now, you will LOVE.

Favorite Running Highlight:
I'm so excited to say that last night, for the first time ever I ran 5 miles! So incredibly excited I can't stand it.

Yes that is my very cool phone-holdin
fanny-pack. I can't handle the armband kind.
My balancing abilities are already very questionable. 

Favorite Snack:
I can't get off my Fro-Yo kick. I am physically incapable. Crippled by my love of the fro. Topped with an startling amount of browniecookiedoughsprinklesm&msgranolachocolatesauce. (When I say it all slurred together as one word it only counts as one topping. Duh. I'm so healthy.)

See? Fruit.
(Okay, fine I know I have no self control. I would be
completely satisfied with a bowl containing nothing but toppings.)

Favorite Pin: 
In honor of the "supposed" upcoming cold front...

Haha. But seriously...

Happy Friday!! 
What is everyone up to this weekend?  I'm about to head out for a dinner and drinks with some of my absolute favorite people. Then tomorrow will consist of sleeping in, going for a long run, and then going out with friends. Bring it on weekend! 



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