Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Lame Tuesday

I am exhausted.

No kidding. I am absolutely zapped of all energy. Last night's run was painful. Not necessarily hard, just painful. My hip started bothering me right off the bat, which is pretty unusual for me. Usually I just have a little soreness after my runs, but last night, OUCH. The whole five miles. So today, while I'd planned on going on a nice bike ride, I am enjoying a much needed night of rest.

Wanna know what my rest night looks like? Of course you do.

A little bit of this...

So maybe sometimes the little marshmallows
don't always make it into the hot chocolate. No shame here.

If you're gonna do hot chocolate, do it right. And OMG WHIPPED CREAM.

And of course a little bit of this...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one day of rest is enough to regain a little strength and give my hip a little break, because I really really really really really really really really really really really REALLY don't want to miss the next two day's runs. Also this cold just makes me want to cuddle with any and everything. Tonight it's me and my pillows. You're totally  jealous, I know.


What's your favorite Tuesday night TV?
-New Girl and Giuliana & Bill!

Anyone else hurting/resting today?

Check back tomorrow for my Tuesday (now) Wednesday Top 10!




  1. I'm glad you rested today. One of the hardest things for me to do is listen to my body and rest when needed!

    I've heard sooo much about New Girl but have never got around to watch it yet!

  2. Resting makes such a difference. I ended up with an injury after my first half because I think I pushed myself too much. Now I run less days a week when I train because my body just stays together better that way lol. I LOVE New Girl, that show makes me so happy!



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