Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Line between Love and Hate

HA lured you in with an interesting title and now I'm going to proceed to tell you what I ate today. Don't you feel like a sucker?

Naw, I'm kidding. Well sort of. I'm still going to tell you what I ate today, but I'll chatter about real stuff too. Don't panic. 

Today I was SO excited to go for my run. I think I'm still on an emotional high from my hip not constantly KILLING me. But I'm serious y'all. By 3:00 my legs were restless and I was ready to book it out of there and hop on the treadmill. Which is exactly what I did. Tonight I did five miles. The first four at an easy 9:30 pace, and the last at a 9:05. It's so much harder for me to run fast on the treadmill. No idea why. Anyways. For me the first mile and a half is always the hardest. But once I get past that point I seriously feel like I could go forever. I'm not out of breath, I'm not hurting. A pain-free run is definitely something I've taken for granted in the past. 

So I got home and I hopped my sweaty ass in the shower and I was thinking about how amazing running is and how much I love it and blah blah blah. Then I started laughing. (I actually laughed. Me, alone in the shower, with the soap, laughing? A little creepy, yes? But not the point.) Does anyone ever feel like running is the crappy boyfriend that sweet talks you into taking him back when the whole time you were together you hated it? That's sometimes how I feel. Not always. But sometimes. Like you go into it with a great attitude and positive outlook and then about a mile in you're hurting and bored and you're like OH THIS SUCKS SO BAD. But then once you've finished your run, you're so high off the endorphins that you've convinced yourself there is literally nothing greater in the entire world. Running is super sneaky like that. You're only one run away from loving or hating it. And that's the beauty. 

Oh and these are my feet, with my beautiful blisters.
WHY they 've only plagued one foot, I do not know. 

Now onto the good stuff. You wanna know what I ate today? Of course you do. 

 Favorite breakfast:
Fiber Antioxidant Cinnamon wanna-be Cheerios
(in a red solo cup)
 Mid-Morning Snack:

Yes, I sort my m&m's into color pairs.
I may suffer from slight food OCD.
Another Mid-Morning Snack:

Epic fail.
Okay, I loove oranges, but OMG so much work. If I'm being honest I seriously have no idea how to peel an orange and eat it without it becoming a complete and total disastrous mess. As witnessed in the above picture. Seriously. It was a freakin' massacre. But delicious.

Favorite Lunch:
I'm OBSESSED with these black bean burgers. 

When I got home from the gym I had every intention of eating my tilapia and leftover broccoli for dinner but you see my hands were temporarily paralyzed so I had to go to Subway. (A miraculous healing took place just in time for me to consume the sandwich.) And because I was so ravenous I forgot to take a picture so we will just pretend this is what my sandwich looked like:

I'm pretty certain that the gentleman who prepared my Subway sandwich was under the influence of some type of illegal substance. Which normally is no problem, except that he totally did not cut the bread loaf into an equal six inches! I'm sure I only got 4.5. Seriously Subway if you're reading this you owe me an inch and a half.

And now it's time for New Girl and sleep because I've decided that I'm going to hit the gym early in the morning because I keep reading articles about effective cross-training and it's making me feel guilty that I currently do slim to NONE. (Run-on sentence much?)

Only two more sleeps till Thanksgiving!



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