Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let the countdown begin.

That's right y'all.
I LOVE Christmas. If Christmas were a person we'd be in a constant make-out sesh. Please don't interpret that to be creepier than it was intended to be. It's only meant to be mildly creepy. I don't know why I'm still typing.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have a roommate who is obsessed with the holidays as I am. Since we both have such a deep appreciation for Christmas and all its awesomeness, we decided that come November, we were going to have a Christmas Condo Decorating fiesta. So, true to our word, last night was dedicated to Hobby Lobby, twinkle lights, Love Actually, Christmas shirts and lots of hot chocolate. Can you even fathom the level of fantastic that I am talking about??? Here, I'll help you:

Hamburgers aren't Christmasy, but they are
delicious. Not to mention buy one get one FREE

I know, I know, she's so adorable that it's painful.
Who doesn't love the HobLobs?

So after conquering the burgers and Christmas decor, we headed back home, and picked out a favorite Christmas classic. (Okay, so it may not be an actual It's a Wonderful Life type classic, but to all twenty-somethings and Hugh Grant lovers it may as well be.)

And then the hot chocolate drinking and decorating began. Y'all. I JUST LOVE CHRISTMAS SO FREAKING MUCH. At what age does this infatuation typically stop? I'm thinking never. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! So lucky to call this place home!
Such a blast! Now we have a full two months to enjoy it :)

So tonight was the first time in a month that I went to the gym and hopped on the treadmill. Yes, the treadmill. I did not want to do it. Not even sort of a little bit. Running has been going so so well, and now with this stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid time change, I'm forced to actually put my gym membership to use and hop on the freaking treadmill. I'm no stranger to the treadmill. The gym used to be the only place I would run, and to be honest, the treadmill is where I got my running start. But now that I live in such an amazing place for running (I'm literally steps away from the most gorgeous trails) and the weather has been SO beautiful, I feel like being forced by daylight savings to run inside on a freaking conveyer belt is like taking a punch to the gut. But it really wasn't that bad. I put in four miles tonight, and if anything my biggest complaint is that it felt too easy. I do not mean that in a snobby way at all, believe me. I just mean that running outdoors on the trails forces me to learn how to pace myself instead of having the treadmill do it for me, and also it gives me a more realistic expectation for how these upcoming races are going to be. But whatever, I fit my run in, it felt great, and it just gives me something to look forward to with my long daytime runs on the weekend.

To close, I'd like to leave you with a little inspiration...

You're welcome ;)



PS: Anyone watching X-Factor? I LOVEDLOVEDLOVED the auditions, and was trying so hard to get into it, but those live shows are seriously a TRAINWRECK. I'm holding out for one more week, but if Khloe and the gang can't pull it together I'm out. Because y'all there is some good Wednesday night TV to be watched. Okay bye for reals. 

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