Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist

I am so tired right now. My eyes are halfway open so expect lots of typos and mass chaos in the upcoming sentences. The only reason I am awake and bloggin' is because Thursday Wishlist is not an acceptable use of alliteration. And I love alliteration.

I skipped the gym tonight because quite truthfully drinking wine and watching Ellen in my yoga pants sounded like way more fun. And that's the truth.

Onto the wishlist...


Yurbuds earphones
From all the research I've done, these things are the shiz. They have "twist lock" technology which basically means they never fall out, never get loose. They are sweat and water resistant, because we all know how awesome it is when you come to the end of a long run and your headphones are coated in your perspiration. Yum. The Inspire Pro and the Focus Pro models have a three button control and microphone, for when your mom conveniently calls around mile 5 and wants to talk about her day. AND they have a woven cloth cord that make these headphones tangle-free! You totally want a pair now too don't you? The reason these are on my wishlist and not in my shopping cart is because they are sixty bucks. Definitely something that's worth the investment, but not in my budget until after the holiday season.


These would obviously be a practical everyday purchase, as evidenced by the spectacular shape my feet are in. Okay, so maybe not. But aren't these the perfect cross between hooker and Dorothy? They scream New Years Eve and I just love them. LOVE THEM.


Erin Condren Planner
If you don't know about Erin Condren life planners, go NOW. They are like the mothership of neatness and organization for anyone who is as obsessive and list-oriented as me. This is without a doubt the BEST planner in the entire world and I am dying to get my hands on one for 2013! You can personalize them with photos, quotes, names, pretty much anything your little heart desires. They've got laminated tabs, plastic pouches, goals and to-do lists for every week and I am shaking with excitement just thinking about it. Want one SO bad!


Come on, you know I had to break up the monotony with something edible. I made the mistake of wandering into the Christmas section of Target last night, and I got lost for about an hour. About 55 minutes of that were spent in the Christmas candy and treats aisle. Y'all, this is not a joke. They really did have cookies & freakin' cream dipped pretzels. If you know me at all you know dipped pretzels are my favorite snack in the entire world. You can't go wrong. It's the constant and perfect ratio of sweet and salty so that you NEVER have to stop eating. The reason these didn't make it into my shopping basket is because I have no need for an extra 600 calories in my already chocolate and tortilla chip filled diet.


The Host
Is anyone as excited about this as I am?? Stephenie Meyer is the author of the Twilight series (duh) and has now written this book that's gotten nothing but crazy rave reviews. I flew through the Twilight series (because I'm cool like that) and ever since have been crying into my pillow about the lack of vampire love in my life. The Host has nothing to do with vampires, but is probably going to be the next best thing and I'm hoping I'll be reading this coming up soon.

Only 2 more days till 10k!

Any yurbud users out there? 

Has anyone read the host? Give me your review!

Anyone else have a race coming up this weekend?



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  1. I def need some yurbuds! Right now I have some cheapy Target earbuds that fall out constantly. I think I spend more time adjusting them then actually running. I will have to add these to my Wishlist asap. Thanks!



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