Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fro-Yo Buddies and T-Rex Funnies

Did that rhyme? I didn't mean for it to, but if the shoe fits.

Tonight was Wednesday night dinner so I made my TJ's soyaki marinated chicken with squash, zuchini, and wild rice. It was delicious but something was missing so we had to take a field trip...

Mine is the more colorful of the two. Also happens to be the bigger one. Don't judge me.
 I want to apologize on behalf of Taylor. He is an amateur fro-yo creator and I'm kindove embarrassed by this pathetic rookie attempt. He's completely forgotten everything he learned at orientation. Also, the man doesn't like sprinkles. And I just really don't get that. 

I've actually started cringing when we go up to weigh our yogurt, because I'm fully aware of how my bowl just keeps getting heavier and heavier with each visit and one day it's gonna cost us like 45 dollars. I'm telling you, we are creeping up on that day. 

Tonight I branched out of my standard "vanilla-with-as-many-chocolate-toppings-as-I-can-physically-fit-in-the-bowl" to salted caramel pretzel flavor. HOLY HELL SO GOOD! Salted caramel pretzel fro-yo with strawberries, brownie chunks, chocolate chips, cookie dough, sprinkles, and CHOCOLATE COVERED PRETZELS! Are you jealous? I am, and I just finished licking my spoon like fifteen minutes ago. It's just never enough.  

I got off work and hurried to get in my run tonight before dinner. The plan was an easy paced six miles around the neighborhood but Taylor showed up for dinner earlier that expected, so I sped through my last mile and ended up with a new 6 mile PR! Which was a little exciting, and it helps me set a realistic goal for my upcoming 10k

>Mile 1: 8:45
>Mile 2: 9:00
>Mile 3: 9:01
>Mile 4: 8:34
>Mile 5: 8:32
>Mile 6: 8:04

I want to be totally honest and reiterate how much I'm really hating the first three miles of any run these days. I don't like when runner people pretend like every minute of every run is just some glorious gift from God. Because it's so not. I think I love running a solid 2/3 of the time, sometimes more and sometimes less. Lately those first three miles are a beating, but as soon as I make it past that, I remember why I stepped out the door in the first place. Plus this time I had a handsome gentleman waiting at my door with a refreshing lemon-lime gatorade so there was some incentive in that too. 

You wanna know what I'm looking forward? Tomorrow's lunch at...

Zuppa toscana you get in my belly right now. 
Best lunch plans-EVER. I'm going with some co-worker girls and the plan is for me to get every bit of my $6.95's worth, and you better believe I will. 

Hey-I'm sorry I talk about food so much. But actually I'm not, so if you don't like it, you can suck it. Or you can just scroll past my meal pictures to the latest and greatest of my humor craze:

I felt sorry for him, until I saw this one:

Problem SOLVED. 



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