Sunday, March 10, 2013

My friends are too pretty

I'm not kidding.


I've been looking forward to this weekend FOREVER because it was the first time since our fabulous Christmas cocktail party that all of us would be together again. At the end of February pretty friend on the left (Jacklyn) and pretty friend second from the right (Amanda) celebrated their 24th birthdays so this past weekend we all got together for the ultimate girl's night celebration in downtown Fort Worth. So Friday night we went all out, got a fancy hotel room and hit the town. Hard

Hotels excite them. We headed to Cabo Grande for a delicious mexican dinner.

I ate a LOT. It almost prevented me from dancing the night away. Almost.

We didn't have any major plans so we decided to test our luck at Pete's Piano bar. Well, that turned out to be an awesome decision. We LOVE this place. 
Friends + singing your heart out + dancing your ass off = AWESOME. It is impossible to not have fun. 

Please stop and look at how gorgeous her eyes are in this pic. 
I lived with Alli for almost my entire college experience. My first semester I lived in the dorms and had a roommate but Alli and I were such BFFs that I slept in her room every single night. The first time we took the below picture was my 19th birthday. So pretty much every time we do anything we have to recreate that original photo. 

She loves me. 
I should also note that I was college roomies with these two girls too! I was even a bridesmaid in Jacklyn's wedding. LOVE them to pieces.  

As I said, we danced the night away and had the most successful girl's night of all time. Saturday morning we did our best to sleep in (I kinda suck at that lately) and then went to breakfast at a really cool local coffee place called Brewed

I ordered the egg white omelet with spinach, onions, and goat cheese.  

What I should've done was follow Alli's lead and gotten the chicken and waffles. 
Rookie mistake.

We had the best time together and I seriously considered slashing their tires so they couldn't leave me, but then we started planning our next awesome get-together, so I decided against the slashing. 

Girl's night really took it out of me so I pretty much lazied around all Saturday afternoon, but I did manage to make it to my great Aunt Lupe's 86th birthday dinner! Yes, you read that right. She is 86, the  most fun ever, and she can run circles around you. I'm an idiot and I forgot to take pictures. I will take pictures of the birthday number 87 though, I can assure you. 

This morning Tater bug and I made it to church and lunch and then I decided it was time to use my awesome coupon so this happened: 

Then I celebrated daylight savings by taking a nap. It was great. Too short, but great. When I woke up I decided it was time to be productive so I headed to the gym for a really great 8 mile run. I planned on heading to the trails but in case you weren't aware it was like 16 degrees today...

Okay, okay, it was actually like 50, but it was windy and I already had shorts on and I really wanted to watch Netflix so I picked the treadmill. Have you ever been to the gym on a Sunday? It's a freakin' ghost town. I'm kindove a fan. After my run I headed to Target for my cool down, which equals an hour of wandering around and spending too much money. Shopping makes me really hungry, so I decided to attempt the perfect omelet for the umpteenth time and HOLY CRAP I FINALLY DID IT! 

Cheesy spinach omelette with banana, a lone/sad piece of turkey bacon and a glass of my favorite green machine naked juice. Yum-lish. 

Who has two thumbs and is excited about daylight savings time? THIS GIRL. Seriously. This totally means that I get to run outside after work whenever I freakin' feel like it. I am so excited. Want to know what else I'm excited about? Sure you do. 


Obvs very serious. 
I don't know that I've ever been more excited about anything ever. Ever. I mean, EVER. 
Do you understand what I'm trying to say?
Okay. Just checking. 


Have you ever had chicken and waffles?

Are you a fan of Spring forward or do you prefer Fall back?

Will you be tuning into the Bachelor finale tomorrow??!!




  1. You are too cute! I love weekends with girlfriends. I've never had chicken and waffles, it sounds so random together.

    1. It TOTALLY does sound random! But it was AMAZING! I even saw that they now have chicken and waffles flavored Lay's potato chips! Don't know if I'd be brave enough to try that out.

  2. Girl weekends are the best. Sadly all my close girls are scattered around the country (Army) so I don't get these too much anymore.

    I like the gaining a hour of sleep in the fall but I am so excited to be able to run outside after work. The TM was killing my soul.

    Bachelor finale--so excited. I have to head to a work conference tonight so I better have access to a TV in my room or I have to lock myself away from all social medial until my return on Thursday evening.

    1. Girls weekends are THE BEST! So did you get to watch the finale??

  3. The best thing about living in the south is the food. We have a local food truck that has chicken and red velvet waffles. Knock your socks off good.

    1. AMEN! I love me some good fried chicken.



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