Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Let's start with this:

Is this real life??? Happy freakin' Tuesday to me.

March is going to be the crazy month of my life. I am already overwhelmed and we are only five days in. But you know what helps?

Whole lotta women tellin' all y'all.

All I really wanna talk about is how hideous Tierra's dress is, but I'm actually only halfway through the episode so I'm going to spare you my opinions for a change. But I can assure you, I HAVE SOME.

I totally forgot to tell y'all that last night was BEST FRIEND WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING NIGHT! I left work a little early to head out to Dallas. While I was sitting in traffic listening to Justin Bieber I was reminded of how happy I am to have moved to Fort Worth. Dallas, I love you, in small doses, preferably those where I am not behind the wheel. Anyways, it was a blast, and I'm sad I can't show you more than the picture from our post shopping dinner, but let's just say some things never change and she's still really pretty.

Look all of those cute bridesmaids.
Also, we had pizza. And you know how I feel about pizza.

So currently I'm reading Born to Run. Slowly...very slowly...did y'all know that it is frowned upon to read and drive/work/run?? Well it is, and since all I do is work, drive, and run, I'm finding that I don't have near enough time for reading as I thought I did. I obviously mistook my life for that of Beverly Hills housewife when I ordered all my goodies on Amazon last week. Anyways back to my point, I'm reading Born to Run, and if you have read it or know anything about trendy health foods then you've heard about Chia seeds. I'm not going to get all preachy on you and list all the incredible health benefits of these tiny little power seeds, but bottom line is, they're CRAZY GOOD FOR YOU. I'm talkin omega-3, calcium, protein, fiber, energy, SO much goodness. Since I'm following Born to Run like it's the Bible, I decided I really really wanted to try them. So today on my lunch break, I headed to Sprouts and bought myself 3/4 of a pound of raw Chia seeds.

Do you like my crazy hair? It's because I haven't washed it since Sunday...morning.

They're itty bitty little things. 

I've spent the last 48 hours reading about 749812370985709857347239 different articles about ways to eat Chia seeds. I'm impatient, so as soon as I'd paid for them I took a little handful and started munching on them. They have absolutely no taste at all. After you chew on them for a minute and they get stuck in your teeth (oh and trust me, they will) they start to get all gooey. Didn't bother me at all, but when I made my co-worker try them she did not care for that lovely after effect. 

Side note: I'd read that these tiny little things are sure to get stuck in your teeth so I also stopped by Target to pick up some floss, where I was DUMBFOUNDED by this:

HIGHWAY FREAKIN' ROBBERY! Gum health is an investment.

Okay back to my story. I was super anxious to try them in something else, so I concocted a little Chia fresca a la Natalie by soaking the seeds in lemonade for fifteen minutes, letting them get all thick and gooey, and then pouring it over some ice water. Sounds weird right? It was. Coworkers thought so too...

Cute face Meech.


Y'all. It was not bad at all. They're totally flavorless, so they just take on the flavor of whatever you soak them in. It was a little weird drinking something with a ton of gooey seeds in it, but texture doesn't really bother me, so I was fine. I felt a little burst of energy after drinking it and I'm excited to try them in my smoothies and a million different other things like a legit kitchen scientist.

I must also tell you that while we were talking about healthy food stuff, colon cleanses came up. I said that I would be totally fine never ever doing a cleanse, to which co-worker replied, "Yeah, but you've got like 100 feet of shit built up inside of you." Ew. But noted. 

Tonight I went for my first intentional tempo run. I did one mile at a 7:50 pace sandwiched between two miles of warm up and cool down for a total of five miles in 44:18. I don't know what it is about the first two miles of a run, but lately they just plain suck, but once I get past that, I feel fantastic. That's exactly how this run was. 

I really really enjoyed myself. This perfect and uncharacteristic Texas "spring" weather is really making me happiest person on the planet. My awesome new pink compression sleeves are contributing to that happiness too:

DON'T make fun of me for wearing them with my capris. My shorts are dirty and people on the street judge you less than the people at the gym.


Has anyone else ever tried Chia seeds? If so, what do you eat them with??

Are you a good flosser? I suck at it. I floss maybe once every couple weeks. Usually only because I have apple stuck in my teeth.




  1. I have never tried chia seads but my coworkers always think I eat the weirdest things!

    I go through phases where I floss a lot more (twice a day) but most days I floss once a day!

    1. Holy crap you are a dentist's dream! I really should start doing that.

  2. I have never tried chia seeds but keep hearing about them so I might give in to peer pressure and try them. I also can't wait to read Born to Run. I've heard its fantastic.

    1. Yes! You have to do both! I'm really digging these chia seeds, I had them last night in my smoothie and this morning in my oatmeal plus a little handful while I was cooking dinner tonight, they're great so far!



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