Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Running talk from the girl who skipped her workout

Here's what happened.

Work today was ugh served with a side of OMGKILLMENOW, so I didn't get out of there until after six. And to be perfectly honest all I wanted to do was lie in my bed watching New Girl with one of these:

Seriously someone buy me one. My birthday is June 2nd. 

But in order to partake in the wine I first had to clear my conscience. 
So I did about ten minutes worth of weights...

Too legit to quit y'all.

Whipped up some dinner...

Always to be eaten in bed. 

And now the partaking can begin. 
Don't judge my serving size. I told you it was a long day. 

I'm doing a really terrible job committing to the books from my impulsive Amazon order. Primary problem being, they are all so good. And I have yet to find a job that will pay me to sit around reading running books while eating cheetos. Believe you me, I am searching, but so far monster.com has yet to come up with anything. Ridiculous, I know. Anyways, I've been reading chapters here and there from just about every single book. Even though this is something I read back a while ago when I started Born to Run, this excerpt has stuck with me, and it's something I've found myself recalling on the tough days. 

         "And when things look worst, we run the most. Three times, America has seen distance-running skyrocket, and it’s always in the midst of a national crisis. The first boom came during the Great Depression, when more than two hundred runners set the trend by racing forty miles a day across the country in the Great American Footrace. Running then went dormant, only to catch fire again in the early ’70s, when we were struggling to recover from Vietnam, the Cold War, race riots, a criminal president, and the murders of three beloved leaders. And the third distance boom? One year after the September 11 attacks, trail-running suddenly became the fastest-growing outdoor sport in the country. Maybe it was a coincidence. Or maybe there’s a trigger in the human psyche, a coded response that activates our first and greatest survival skill when we sense the raptors approaching."

How beautiful is that? It gives me chills. Even though I chose to be a bum and skip out today, I just really love running. I love it because it's simple. One foot in front of the other. On the hard days, and on the easy days, just one foot in front of the other. 


I'm off to an embarrassingly early bedtime because I have a very early speed workout scheduled for tomorrow. Also, because I am tired. 





  1. Hey Nat! I just found your blog and thought I'd say hello. I look forward to reading more! I am also obsessed with bachelor/bachelorette and also adore fro-yo and food in general!

  2. That is my kind of wine glass...er chalice. I think tonight I shall indulge in wine. It's long over due :)



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