Sunday, March 31, 2013

Endorphins and Easter Candy

I should really be doing laundry and making my weekly run to Trader Joe's because I have no clothes and no food but it was such a great three day weekend and so many wonderful things happened that I just have to share. So when I show up hungry and naked to work tomorrow you will know why. 

Friday started off really well because I slept in until 8:45. For some reason I have completely lost my ability to sleep late when I'm sleeping by myself. It just isn't possible. Mostly because 97% of the time my bladder wakes me up at 6:30. That's embarrassing, but it's true. Hey hold on for a second, I have to pee again.

Okay I'm back. So Friday I slept in a little bit, then went for a run because I was stuck at work late on Thursday so instead of running I decided to eat a pizza and then go to sleep.

So after my run I did approximately 12 girl pushups and then called it a workout. I was jamming out to Bon Jovi while I was doing my pushups, and completely forgot I'd left my music blaring so when I hopped out of my shower I thought for a minute there was a really talented attacker in my apartment and panicked. Then I realized it was just "Livin' on a Prayer" and my heart rate returned to normal. So that was Friday day.

Friday evening I met up with Taylor and we headed over to his parents house to have a nice little dinner with them. I really love them and it had been way way too long since we'd seen them so that was wonderful and delicious and it's probably good we don't see them more often because they feed us too well and we would most likely be like 100 pounds heavier than we currently are. 

We spent the rest of the night relaxing and goofing off with his roommates playing made up card games and ridiculous trivia. I may have cheated. 

And then we thought it would be funny to put a tie on Jax. 
Actually I'm pretty sure that was my idea.

A tie. On a dog. Funny right? No? Ok. 

Saturday morning we had no trouble sleeping in until ELEVEN. Of course I woke up early to pee and then went back to bed, but that's really beside the point. And then of course, donuts happened. Weekend breakfast at Shipley's is almost like a reflex now.

It goes like this: Wake up, NEED SHIPLEY'S NOW. 

Cake donuts are my new fave.

I have to tell y'all a secret. 95% of the time Taylor pretends that he can't stand me. 

This  is what I get when I beg him to take a picture with me.
Friggin' Spock hand.
But then he buys me donuts, takes me shopping, spends the afternoon watching Forrest Gump with me while I cry (if FG doesn't make you cry there is seriously something wrong with you), and then feeds me Saltgrass for dinner. Tater, sweetheart, you aren't fooling anyone. 

I'm aware that you already saw the donuts, but I can't help what I instagram people. 
So that was Saturday. 

Sunday we woke up bright and early (eh, is 9am early?) and went to church for an awesome Easter Sunday service. Then we celebrated the resurrection with lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of food.

Seriously, it's what Jesus would have wanted. 

If you are thinking that you don't see any vegetables on that table then you are dead WRONG mister.
That is a whole dish full of green bean casserole. 

If that isn't the most Southern Easter dinner you've ever seen.
BBQ brisket and fried okra? OMG Texas you are the best. 

Then it was picture time. 

Remember when I gave you insight into a typical Mimi conversation? Well I am kindove obsessed with Mimi and she might be my most favorite person in the whole entire world. 

This is Mimi's permanent stance:

Hunched over with her wind up disposable camera glued to her face capturing some super unimportant moment. 

Like this one for instance.  

Crazy lady actually made us pose holding a plant.
You cannot make this stuff up folks.

I keep telling her that one day her face is going to get stuck like that but she doesn't listen to me. 
See? I wasn't kidding about the wind up disposable camera. 

Favorite people. 

Yeah that's me holding my belly because it was FULL. But look how cute my brother is. 

Oh there's that boy again.
Also apparently Mimi forgot my name, because my Easter egg looked like this:

WTF Mimi?!?!!! She says her hand slipped but I don't know if I buy it.
JK Mimi I love you and I love my semi-personalized boiled egg. 

If you are still reading this then you must really like me so give yourself a pat on the back because this is really long and you've obviously developed some super human blog reading endurance. I applaud you. Also I'm almost done.

After the food coma, we headed back home to Fort Worth. I'd really wanted to squeeze in an 8 mile run this weekend and had pretty much decided it wasn't going to happen but the weather was just way too nice and I so I went out for a run. 

Best decision EVER.

My calf pain/tightness/shin splints have been bothering me pretty much always lately. Which makes running less fun and more about distracting myself from the pain. It's been awhile since I've had a really enjoyable run. So I knew that if I was going to have fun with this run, I was going to have to slow the heck down. So I did. And the result was a perfect, pain-free run. 

I think I've been so caught up in wanting to get faster and faster all the time that I've forgotten the benefits of a comfortable run. 

I needed someone to remind me that every run is not a race. And I need to do a better job with incorporating a slower paced long run into every week. 

But now I won't be able to sleep because I'm hopped up on endorphins and Easter candy. Oops. 



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  1. HAHA I agree, Jesus would've wanted you to dominate all of that food. Looks like a great weekend and awesome job on the runs!



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