Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I love fishes cause they're so delicious.

I would like to point out that I am fully aware that the plural word for fish is not fishes. I get it. Got it.

When I was like eleven, the best thing ever happened: they came out with HOT & SPICY GOLDFISH!

They were my favorite, so yummy, and they came in those awesome cartons that allowed you to pour them directly into your mouth and it was just a good time in general for America. Then, because Pepperidge Farms hates me personally, they stopped selling them. And that was a bad time for America. I’m going to be honest and tell you that I never really quite got over it, I’m still mourning the loss. Then today at the office I was humming my little fishes tune/working really hard, and so I decided to google hot and spicy goldfish and WHATDOYAFREAKINKNOW?!

Thanks again, Amazon.

For the low low price of $203, three hundred mini packs of hot and spicy goldfish can be mine! I’m looking into it, but I don’t know if I'm prepared to be the girl who has 300 bags of hot and spicy goldfish hidden underneath her bed. Because that's where I'd keep them.

I didn’t originally set out to write a post about hot and spicy goldfish but things happen. No, what I originally set out to write about was my love for 'fishes' in a different form: SUSHI.

I’m going to go through the recent events of my life in a non-chronological order and you're just going to have to learn how to cope with it because I said so. Ready? K.

Last night was best friend date night so we met up at my apartment and took advantage of Blue’s happy hour and stuffed our faces full of spicy edamame (burns your lips SO good) crunch rolls, seattle rolls, spicy tuna, and margs.

After dinner I was so full that I just wanted to lay on top of the sushi bar and never move again and Allison was all, "Noooo let’s get fro-yo and go shopping." Total opposite of what my giant food baby belly had in mind but I’m flexible like that so off we went:

Note: This was probably the only time in my entire life that I’ve gone to Yogurtland and left without so much as sampling a bite. Yes, I was that full.

 (Mirror pics are still cool. I think 30 is when they stop being cool, so we still have awhile.)

After all our outings we came back to my apartment where we got to the heart of the evening-AKA sitting around and talking. Lots. It was fun, and I really like her.

So let’s rewind a little more back to this past Friday. It was destined to be a good day from the start because I actually woke up to my 4:30 alarm and was done at the gym by 5:45 which meant I had first pick of ALL THE donuts.

Y’all seriously I was jumping up and down. Couldn’t contain the glee.

Then during my lunch break I got to do a best friend wedding dress try on facetime session. That sounds complicated but it’s not I swear. Allison ended up buying her wedding dress online, so it came in last week, and because I was working I couldn’t make it to the first official reveal so thanks to Apple I still got to witness the whole thing. Also  I may have been eating a sandwich. Best MOH ever.

Waiting/facetiming friend and fellow bridesmaid Emily! 
She was eating curly fries and I was really jealous.

SHE’S NOT NAKED YOU JUST AREN’T ALLOWED TO SEE HER WEDDING DRESS! Duh. But she was gorgeous, just take my word for it.

That night I got off work and went for a quick leisurely bike ride because the weather was too pretty to pass up. Bike rides are good for me because they remind me that I am extremely weak and not in near as good of shape as I think I am. After the quickest and surely most pathetic ride of all time, I headed over for a girls’ night with the COOLEST girl ever.

I love those chubby legs.
It was imperative that I hang out with her this weekend because I'm about four  months behind on the plans I have to brainwash her into believing that I am the coolest fake aunt she will ever have. I tried really hard but she seemed really distracted and kept blowing me off for her toes. And then she pooped on me. But still, look at that face.

Peyten Grace I can't wait until you are old enough for me to bribe you with candy. 
Then you will really love me.

Saturday my only plans were to sleep in as late as possible and to go for a nice 9 mile run. Except I failed miserably at both of those. I slept (crappily) until about 8ish, and then decided while I was up I might as well get my butt out of bed. So I set out for a run with my throbbing shin splints in 20 mph winds. 

This just in: dirty streaky mirrors are now totally acceptable.
I got through about 8 painful miles until I decided to call it quits and walk the last mile home, where I had to stop about every twenty feet to do a little bit of this:

That run was a super brilliant idea. However I did run past at least five other people who obviously wanted to be twinners with me because they were also sporting their Cowtown Finisher shirts. We are so cool. 

After my craptastic run, I nursed my pride and my shins with ice and a delicious dinner at OTB.

Massive taco salad for the win.
On a positive note, I took Sunday and Monday off from any physical activity at all, which left my legs feeling pretty fresh for tonight's run. I did a steady six miles at a 9:00 pace, and aside from a really awful side stitch that lasted the entire first mile, I felt pretty good. I'm trying to be really careful and ice my shins and stretch like a champ after each run. I think I'm going to take it easy this week and only run on more time on Thursday because Saturday is the Lonestar 10k! Yay and all that stuff. 

There's a big empty Bachelor sized hole in my heart, and last night I tried to fill it with some DWTS which made me laugh (hard) but didn't quite fill the void. 

Favorite sushi roll or sushi restaurant?- BLUE!

How do you nurse your pride after a crappy run?- Food, always.

Any DWTS fans out there? Who are you rooting for this season?- I don't really love DWTS but I do love Sean, so he's got my vote (and by vote I mean positive thoughts because I'm too lazy to send DWTS a text message.)




  1. oh goodness-never heard of those goldfish but they sound so good! I cannot wait to get sushi with my old college roommate this Friday. We are long overdue and I think I'll be equally as stuffed :)

  2. I am drooling over your sushi dinner. My fav sushi restaurant is Sakura. So freakin' good. I also love the bike for the same reason you do. I feel like an outta shape sack of poo during every single ride.



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