Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Very Productive Weekend

Happy Sunday Funday y'all. I'm checking in to brag about how much I've accomplished this weekend. Really, sit back, because you're going to be super impressed.

My awesome boss let us slip out of work early on Friday (which was obviously a sign that it was going to be a really awesome weekend) so I met up with the roommate for an extremely girly happy hour at our favorite sushi place ever.

We were a little excited. I mean like "tears-being-shed, epiphanies-being-had, what-was-even-I-living-for-before-this-meal" type excited. 

(If you are thinking that you have seen that polka dot dress before, you would be right. I have a really shocking announcement to make: I am poor and I repeat outfits. You will probably see it again very soon, so get used to it.)

The most fabulous thing about happy hour is probably the fact that you can enjoy yourself for a good three hours and still be home and in your bed wearing yoga pants by 8:30pm. I promise I'm not usually in bed that early on a Friday night (seriously usually I make it until at least ten), but I had an earlier than usual Saturday and this week kicked my ass so just forgive me for being lame, ok?

Saturday morning I was up at six for an awesome day! My company has kicked off it's community involvement campaign for 2013 and we've partnered with an amazing charity in the Fort Worth area. I met up with a few co-workers to head out to Lake Tawakani for a volunteer work day with Our Father's Children. (OFC is an amazing non-profit organization that provides free week long summer camps, retreats, and mentoring programs to children of abuse and neglect.) We had an absolute blast and and spent the whole day working our tails off clearing out an area that will one day be a football and baseball field that these sweet kiddos will get to play on! It was such a blessing to be a part of, and on the way home my awesome boss even bought us blizzards, which as you know are the absolute light of my life.

(I know you're supposed to do charity work for the deep self-satisfaction of getting involved with a cause greater than yourself, BUT, if they keep this up, there is a chance that the blizzards might become my primary incentive. I mean I'm only human, y'all.)

After that long day, I'd worked up quite the appetite, so I met up with my friend Madysen (you may remember her as awesome pink-sign friend) for a delish dinner at Chili's. I have no pictures but I can assure you that it happened and it was in fact, delicious. After our nice little dinner I came home and crashed. Hard.

Sunday morning I had every intention of waking up early for a long run. What I did not account for was the extreme old lady soreness from my intense Saturday of raking, bending over, moving logs, and playing with a hatchet (yeah, that happened and it was awesome.) Turns out I'm not in near as good of shape as I have convinced myself that I am. I swear to you I could barely move this morning. So I gave myself the "Hell, I ran a half marathon last weekend" excuse and decided to skip today's run. I know, for shame. But I haven't had any dessert today so that might balance it out. Oh wait, I lied. I forgot I ate cookie dough earlier. Oh well.

This afternoon I met up with the best friend for lunch at Freebirds 

Freebirds, you are alright. But not as good as chipotle.
It was a blast. She talked about wedding planning and I talked about how obsessed I am with Born to Run. By the end of lunch she wanted to borrow Born to Run and I wanted to try on wedding dresses so if you were wondering how our friendship works-that's how.

After our lunch date I ran all my Sunday errands (i.e. Target, bank, car wash), did two loads of laundry (we're talking washed and folded here people), and signed up for my next race (Lone Star 10k).

Some other productive randoms:
  • I gave money to not one, but TWO homeless guys today. I'm basically implementing my very own economic stimulus plan. You're welcome America.
  • I planned out all my meals for the upcoming week. 
  • I deep cleaned my  bathtub. Been meaning to do that for ohhh, I don't know...about a month. Yep, I'm gross. 
And some non-productive randoms:
  • Yesterday marked exactly three months until my birthday. I'm actually surprised none of you said anything about it, but I'm willing to look past that and forgive you. Because I'm mature. 
  • I made my first swimsuit purchase of 2013. I say "first" because I can assure you I will end up buying at least five more by the time this year is over. I have a problem. 
  • Every time I take that first bite into an apple there is a tiny part of me that winces because I'm afraid of biting into a worm. It's completely irrational, because that's never happened to me. But I just ate an apple (worm-free) and thought I'd share. 
So there you have it. Someone pat me on the back.




  1. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend!!

  2. What a busy and productive weekend! My weekend was the exact opposite unfortunately. I never go out anymore but Friday night I did and I was hungover until 5pm on Saturday. What a waste!
    This weekend will be much different :)

    Deep cleaning the tub... definitely something I should get to doing real soon!

    1. Haha I am in desperate need of a let loose weekend like that! They are fun once every blue moon. TRUST me, normally my weekends are nothing like this. They consist of naps sandwiched between meals consisting of onion rings and donuts :)



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