Saturday, February 15, 2014

Curing a Valentine's Day Hangover*

*Sugar hangover, that is.

Happy Saturday! Sundays are actually my favorite day of the week, but Saturday is pretty fab too. 

You know what I love about valentines day? Chocolate EVERYWHERE. For lunch Friday, fave coworker and I headed to the mall in search of chocolate covered strawberries. Once we learned that they were charging EIGHT DOLLARS FOR ONE STRAWBERRY, we were all "PSSHHH" so we took our eight buck business next door for lunch. 

BJ's Mahi-mahi tacos = AMAZING.

Afterwards, we made a pit stop at Great American Cookie where sugar addiction is actually affordable for the average middle class. I love you, GAC. 

(Stop whatever you are doing right now and head to your local GAC and try a domino cookie.
They are the bomb diggity.)

Last night was spent with Taylor, his roommate Jordan, and his fianc√© Morgan (AKA three of my favorites) wandering around the entire metroplex searching for literally anywhere to eat. Turns out if you were hungry at all on Valentine's Day you are SOL. You should have made your reservation back when the first Twilight movie came out. Result? 

Understandably, we celebrated by eating 683 peanut butter patties. Kidding. Maybe.

I promise I have bottoms on. They are just really really short.
NOT naked. Just to clarify.
This morning we slept in a little, and headed to Taylor's tux fitting, but made a pit stop at my favorite place.
Mr. Fancy Pants Groom.

Then Taylor headed off to golf, and then I headed off to my favorite sure fire way to get rid of that V-Day sugar induced hangover...


Y'ALL. Today was my LAST weekend taper run before Cowtown Marathon!
Now I'm off to enjoy this crazy 65 degree weather with a little patio day drinking.
Don't be jealous.

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