Sunday, February 16, 2014

Saturdays are rough.

After my run yesterday I was forced to enjoy a patio margarita
and two hours of good conversation with my friend Morgan.
My life is pretty rough.
Talking makes me hungry.

Mango chicken salad, problem solved. SO MUCH DELICIOUSNESS.
My friend Madysen and her boyfriend have six week old puppies. So I spent the evening cuddling puppies while simultaneously holding my ground with a firm "No" to this face.
And I managed to snag this video of him trying to manage all three puppies.
I mean, honestly.
Heart breaking. Pieces everywhere.
Tomorrow I celebrate 5 YEARS (also known as half a decade or one kindergartener) with this guy!
And, just SEVEN DAYS until Cowtown Marathon!
I think it's gonna be a good week!

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