Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fake Holidays & Rebel Wilson

Do you ever find yourself in a terrible mood but you have no idea why? That was me today. 
I realized exactly how grumpy I was when I got home from work this evening and caught myself calling my mailbox an asshole. Yes, my MAILBOX. I know, I know. A record low in ridiculousness. Um, here is a grumpy mirror selfie to prove it.

So to boost my mood, I dragged my crabby ass over to Central, AKA the happiest place on earth (for those of us that can't afford Disney Land). 

Oh, how I love this place.
And then over to TJ's, which is the second happiest place on earth. 

(Third place goes to my bed, if you were wondering.)

Then while I was sitting in traffic making the Instagram rounds, I saw this:


And PS if you aren't following @efitmama on Instagram, you really should. She is super badass and makes me want to lift all the heavy things.

So seeing as how it's a REAL (fake) holiday, I popped the cork on a bottle of TJ's pinot grigio and treated myself to my favorite pesto tortellini. Just as delicious today as it was last year

Today (pre-bad mood) I googled "Rebel Wilson funny" and oh, the treasures I found. Because I love you all so desperately I'm willing to share my findings/this public information with you. 

I just have so much appreciation for all the words that come out of her mouth.

In workout news, I got absolutely no physical activity today, unless you count the hour I spent hacking away at foam board with a box cutter at work for reasons I cannot disclose, or the 45 minutes I spent meandering around Central Market at a more than leisurely pace. So I am more than ready for bootcamp tomorrow morning and a good run tomorrow night. 

FOUR DAYS until Cowtown Marathon! #yikes



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