Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sorry, Samuel L. Jackson, you can't come to my wedding.

First and foremost, I got to SLEEP IN this morning! Double bootcamps yesterday and a gorgeous weather forecast for today meant waiting until after work to run which meant that I had time to not only shower, but put on a legitimate workplace presentable outfit and even straighten  my hair.

This is my work face. It's very profesh.
Seriously it's been over a month since my hair hasn't been in a ponytail or clip or some sort. I had no idea how long it even was.

Right after that lovely selfie, the fiancé texted me about the potential of a destination wedding.

I checked, Jurassic Park is already booked for April 25th. Damn.
Do you people EVER get tired of looking at Kate? Because I don't and I'm pretty sure I never will.
There are NO words.
Just kidding, there are always words. STUNNING, PERFECT, GORGEOUS, MIND-BLOWINGLY BEAUTIFUL are the few that come to mind.
Then this girl texted me RE: being awake early and deciding to go for a run. I'm so proud. 
And the Running Outfit of the Day....

Do you see that white stuff behind her? It's called snow. Apparently in some parts of the world, life goes on as usual when it's on the ground. I know, I don't get it either. To each his own, right?
Now, for the lesson of the day. If you would like to cause a mid-afternoon frenzy at your place of work, all you have to do is send an email with the subject line:

Girl Scout Cookies.

That's it. No content even necessary. Your office will immediately flood with ravenous coworkers inquiring as to whether or not you have the cookies with you RIGHT NOW hiding under your desk. (PS: If it wasn't already obvious... I am said ravenous coworker.)

I am ALWAYS this ridiculous. I don't know how I even have friends. Probably because they use  me for my GSC stash.  
And then somehow, I got talked into buying five boxes. Something about it being an even twenty bucks? But by that logic twenty five boxes would be an even hundred soooo...Nom freakin' NOM.

Speaking of all things edible. Dinner last night? Delish.

This recipe was easy as pie. I literally had every single ingredient in my fridge or pantry already, and those are my favorite kind of recipes. I always have frozen broccoli on hand, and I make a giant batch of quinoa at the beginning of every week so I had that ready to go too. From start to finish the whole thing took me about a half an hour. And 20 minutes of that was baking the chicken. Delicious, wholesome, clean comfort food. Can't beat that. Plus, it made four perfectly sized portions so I had enough for our dinner last night, and leftovers for lunch today, which I shared with one lucky coworker. Lunch with me is like winning the leftovers lottery.
Anyways, we had ice on the roads Monday and Tuesday, but today was a gorgeous 70 degrees, so I hit the pavement for a run.
But y'all, literally every single step of this run hurt me. I cannot even begin to tell you how sore I am today. It hurt to swing my arms. It hurt my quads to land. It hurt my abs to breathe.
But I also knew if I didn't get out there and move a little, I'd be even more sore tomorrow.
And now I'll sleep like a baby tonight. #WINNING
And now I'm celebrating with baklava.
Because it's Thursday (?)


  1. mmmm I will be your lucky coworker ANY TIME. :) I'll vouch for ya. That was yummy.

  2. OMG I just discovered tonight that you're back on the blog, and it was a day maker. Is that creepy? lol.
    Welcome back! :)

    1. Yay! I'm stoked to be back and glad to still have you around enjoying my ridiculousness! :)



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