Thursday, January 24, 2013

100 Miles in January?

Tonight when I got home, I went to log my run in DailyMile when I noticed I've logged 71 miles for the month of January. Then I got to thinking, I've got a ten mile run set for Sunday, and then 15 miles spread out from next Monday-Thursday which means that by January 31, I'll have logged 96 miles. 
But you know what would be better than 96 miles?

I know to a lot of runners, that's absolutely nothing. But it's a pretty big deal for me! So it looks like I'm going to be squeezing in a little four miler between now and Thursday.Or two two-milers. Or four one-milers. Or one three-miler and a one-miler. I think you get the idea. 

So I'm celebrating with something that's been proven to help improve speed and endurance:

Whaaat?! This is how I train!

I'm a little embarrassed (mainly by the upcoming picture) but I decided earlier this week that I was going to hop on the Abs By April challenge that Megan over at Run Like a Grl has started! I'm half excited-half terrified because my abs (really I shouldn't even be calling them abs, "mid-section area" is more accurate) are positively shameful. I've never in my entire life had a flat stomach. Like EVER. I really believe that a huge part of a person's physical build is genetic, because I have the exact same body as my mother. No hips, no boobs, and a little midsection pudge. Which is also equal to that of a preteen old boy. I kindove lost track of where I was going with this...OH YEAH, it's probably about time I incorporate a little bit of core work. The reason I share stuff like this with all of cyber space is because the more people I tell the harder it is for me to quit (i.e. deciding to run the half marathon). Sooo this is my before picture:


Aaanyways. The goal is abs by April. I will be perfectly content with AB (singular) by April. The challenge for this week was a plank every day. I've only done two since I just hopped on the ab train yesterday. I lasted a whole entire minute today and by the end was cursing the very day I was born. (Don't you wanna be my workout partner?) It has occurred to me that if I want to see results, I might consider chilling out on the chocolate and wine as well. But hey, I did a plank today. It's fine. 

In other fitness-y related news, there is a 13 races in 2013 challenge that's floating around the blogosphere. I'm totally game for that! I've already started trying to put together a list of some local races that I want to run this year. If anyone in the North Texas area is running anything fun (or not fun, I'm really not picky) please share and I will run with you. Literally anyone. I'm easy like that. As soon as I've compiled a list of my "13 in 2013" I'll be sharing. Duh. Cause sharing is caring. 

Because it's almost Friday I have to incorporate some whimsy into this post so I will leave you with my new favorite thought-provoking quote:



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