Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some Good Advice

Because I love you all, I'm going to give you some really good advice. Just listen, heed my warning, and do as I say.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go to Petsmart on your lunch break. Ever. Don't do it. Just don't. Go to Target, go to the mall, go to chick-fil-a, go take a nap, go paint your nails, do anything just leave Petsmart out of it.

Even if your coworker asks you to come with her to pick out fish for hew new awesome glow in the dark office fish tank. Even if you think it'll be fun because it's a new store and they have an awesome new adoption center. No. Seriously. BAD IDEA.

Because the minute you set foot into that place, you'll hear....

"In the aaaarms of the aaaangels......."

The puppies need us guys!

Deep, dark, golden retriever sized hole in my heart. And now I've sunk into a deep dark depression because I have no man's best friend sitting next to me licking himself as I type.

Anyways, after choking back tears, we walked out of Petsmart with three glowfish (which are NOT as cute as puppies). While I think fish are ewie, these suckers glow in the dark so they're like party fish at a rave, and they are an office distraction so I approve.

I think the official fish names are Flash, Pumpkin, and Bubbles. I suggested Mandela, Castro, and Clinton because I like to stick with a theme and questionable political figures seemed like the obvious choice, but that was quickly veto'd. (Talk about a waste of my creativity.)

I'm trying to eat crazy healthy and clean this week (trying-operative word there) because it is officially less than five weeks till race day and I hate feeling all full and heavy when I run. I'm really missing my five chocolate doses a day. I bet if I had a dog I'd be so distracted that I wouldn't be having these cravings...

The Bachelor makes me such an unstable emotional roller coaster. I've never experienced so many emotions in one two hour segment. (Except for the Kardashian weddings, but those are four hours long so my statement still stands.) My roommate is NO fun and always cheats and reads Reality Steve's spoilers before the season even starts, so the entire time we watch I'm back and forth between, "I HAVE TO KNOW" and "IF YOU TELL ME YOU DIE." I'm going to be a total mess for the next 10 weeks.

Continuing with the random nature of this post, look what I found at Target tonight!

I'm assuming these things are brand new, because Target is my second home. I mean I notice when they change the lightbulbs so I'm pretty sure I would've seen these if they'd been out awhile. But how cool?! These were on sale for two bucks, and I'm going to whip some up tomorrow night and throw it on top of some fettuccine. And I will definitely let you know how it is. And no, it's not really healthy, but since it's a pre-made white wine and garlic sauce, that means I won't have to waste my own white wine which means more in my glass! Holla. Glass half full people, glass half full.




  1. Haha, I would love a dog, so I avoid pet stores at all costs. One day though :) for now I practice with my parent's dog, but it's not the same!

    1. I KNOW! Killer. I will probably never step foot inside a petstore ever again. It yanks on my heartstrings WAY too hard. I just couldn't commit right now because I'm NEVER home :(

  2. Omg I walked passed puppies in a window the other day and it took all my willpower not to buy one!

    1. It is the WORST. I swear to you, if I had been by myself I would've lost my mind and just gotten one. I'm never allowing myself back in that store again!



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