Sunday, January 13, 2013

Running Double Digits

I really really really wanted pizza for dinner. I mean when I woke up this morning I said, "Taylor, I'm totally having pizza for dinner." But once I hopped out of the shower tonight I was reminded that it is THIRTYFIVE degrees outside and I'm just not sure if I love pizza that much. Plus I'd already put on the fuzzy crocs and once that happens it's pretty much a lost cause. So because healthy choices are my thing, I settled for a plateful of nachos and chocolate covered pretzels. (No, they didn't share the plate. Don't be ridiculous.)

Last week I proved that I am a huge failure when I forgot to record the season premiere of The Bachelor. I mean I am truly ashamed. However, if you're gonna miss an episode of the Bachelor, the first one is probably the one to miss. After thinking pretty hard about it, I decided that I'm just not willing to lose two hours of my precious time to catching up online. But tomorrow, I can guarantee, I will be glued to my TV, while simultaneously blogging my highly influential opinions of Sean's season. I bet you can't wait.

So today I decided that whenever you run a new distance you are technically PRing...right?

If so, then I PR'd today. A cool (and by that I mean freezing, windy, snot everywhere) ten mile run in 1:33. I also think I experienced one of the most outrageous runner's highs of all time. My iPhone hates me and won't let me take screen shots so here is my proof:

Ran 10.02 mi on 1/13/13

Natalie Hickson
Sunday Jan. 13, 2013
3:10 p.m.
Run / Jog
Natalie Hickson
Avg Pace

(For those of you that have asked, I don't have a Garmin, so I use the MapMyRun iPhone app and I love it. I take my phone with me every time I run anyways, both entertainment and safety, so it works for me.)

And for you runner folks that care, here are my splits.

1 mi09:33 min/mi
2 mi09:10 min/mi
3 mi09:15 min/mi
4 mi09:15 min/mi
5 mi09:22 min/mi
6 mi09:09 min/mi
7 mi09:03 min/mi
8 mi09:26 min/mi
9 mi08:46 min/mi
10 mi09:23 min/mi

Part of the reason this was such a great run is that as I was running, I had that moment where I thought, "13.1 miles? Yeah, I can totally do this." Running is cool like that. It makes you feel like a superhero, not like your average weirdo girl that uses a half open bag of frozen peas and carrots to ice her knee...

Another reason this run was so fan-freakin-tastic is because I finally found a fuel that I love.

These were amazing. They had the perfect texture and totally tasted like candy. I mean if they weren't so expensive I swear to you I'd be munching on more right now. I popped open the package (which is huge btw) as I was walking out the door just to taste one and see if it was really something I wanted to mess with for today's run. The resounding YUM I got upon first bite told me yes. Because they were so delicious, I had to exercise some major self-control to hold off on devouring the rest until 45 minutes into my run. I'm telling you, that's some good stuff right there. I could definitely feel a burst of energy, especially from miles 9-10, which is exactly where you want it. I'm really thinking these will be my fuel of choice for race day.

And speaking of race day, the countdown has begun! 42 days until the Cowtown!




  1. Congrats on your run, thats an awesome pace!! Runner's highs are the best, my greatest was on the day of the NYC Half and it was amazing!

    Never tried that type of chew before but I'm still on the search for the right one for me so I'll have to check them out!

    1. Thanks so much! I definitely recommend the cytomax drops, the texture was just so much better than gu!



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