Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pinata Party and a run FAIL

In case you haven't been paying attention, I'm a little obsessed  with my best friend. Since her birthday was this past Wednesday, we reserved Saturday night for celebrating. I have a serious disorder which causes me to blow birthdays way out of proportion to the extent that nothing else matters, and this one was no exception.

So yesterday afternoon, after pit stops at Walmart, Target, and the party store, I loaded up my car with all the essentials and headed out to Dallas for the celebratin'.

Something inside of me felt guilty for shutting that little guy inside of my trunk. I felt less guilty later hacking into him with a bat as it rained butterfingers. 

 We started off the evening with dinner at Bucca di Beppo, which is amazinnnggggg family style Italian. After some careful planning, we decided ordered an assortment of the best dishes ever and stuffed our faces all in honor of Allison's birthday. At least that's what I told myself. 

After we awoke from the food coma, we headed back to her new apartment for piece(s) de resistance- DESSERT AND PINATA.


The thing about a pinata is, you've gotta have somewhere to hang it. This is especially tricky in an apartment complex. Luckily, no one is as innovative as a group of twenty-somethings.

Problem solved. 

Allison, thanks for being born and giving us a fabulous mid-January reason to celebrate!

 I mentioned earlier this week that since I was going to be in Dallas for the birthday party, I was going to use White Rock Lake for my long Sunday run. I loved it so much when I ran on Thanksgiving morning that it just made sense. The trail all the way around the lake is a beautiful 9 miles, so I was all pumped up when I set out this afternoon. It was about 70 degrees in Dallas so I pulled out the shorts and tank top for the first time in 2013. 

About five miles into the run, I decided it was time for some fuel. Unforunately for me, the only thing I had with me was a Gu Gel (and if you remember, I am not a gel fan). What I also didn't plan for was how much water I'd be consuming. I loaded my fuel belt up with my usual two small water bottles, but because it was unusually warm, I downed those in no time. The lake is pretty well lined with plenty of water fountains, but they were ALL turned OFF. I was frantically sprinting towards each one praying to God that one would work. So by five and a half miles, I was completely dehydrated, and I'd just downed my nasty Gu Gel and had NO WATER to follow it with. This has happened to me once before, and if I don't chug plenty of water after a gel, my stomach is in knots. I made it just past six miles before I called it quits and had my sweet friend pick me up and save me. TOTAL run fail. I hate days like that. Even though it was a great six miles, it just wasn't the run that I had set out to accomplish, and that's really frustrating. Especially when you have something this pretty to motivate you:

Oh well. Crappy runs happen. Hopefully this will be the last crappy run, because as of today, only 35 days until the Cowntown!



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  1. you guys are WAY too cute and looks like u had a blast at the party!! :) umm, i wish i could have been there to destroy those desserts...just

    sorry you had a crappy run, but u're right, we all have them and we just get through them and move onto the next run!



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