Monday, January 14, 2013

The ACTUAL most wonderful time of the year

I know you all thought that the  most wonderful time of the year was Christmas but I'm here to point out how very wrong you and your Mom were...


It was a struggle. There were times I didn't think I'd make it a whole year. But I am a survivor. And this year I came prepared. What 20-something really needs a savings account? Not me. So girl scouts, take it all. I need enough thin mints to last me until Spring of 2014. (I'm also currently looking to hire someone to hide boxes in random locations throughout my apartment and text me weekly the location of one box. This is the most rational solution I could come up with to make this work.)

Yes, yes I would.

This year I'm going to really commit to sitting down and writing a letter to the president of all things Girl-Scout. It's time someone addressed the fact that these "boxes" of cookies we are being sold are really single servings and I, as a consumer, have had enough. BEEF UP THOSE BOXES, SCOUTS!

In other (but not more important) news, I watched the Bachelor! Tonight's episode left me with two thoughts:

1. I don't hot tub enough.

2. Bachelor drinking game is a MUST. (Sooo not kidding. I've already done my research and you are all invited to that party.)

Seriously though. Seriously. No, seriously. Like everyone else, I am already in love with Desiree.

My favorite part of their date was when Sean said he loved how "comfortable she was in her own skin." Yeah, Sean, girls with six packs and mile-high legs are often so insecure. 

I also have a woman crush on this girl because she's HOTT, but I have no idea what her name is because she didn't say a single word all night long. 

I know that after seventeen seasons I should be used to outrageous dates, but can't he just take a girl to Chili's and then to see Les Mis? That sounds lovely. I would also like to point out that if Sean Lowe (beautiful and charming as he may be) asked me to jump off a 34 story building, I'd be all, "Peace out, Sean." I don't love ANYTHING that much. Except for thin mints. 


I didn't run today, BUT I did have four cookies and a glass of wine. I'm aware that the two aren't really on the same playing field, but that's really all I have to offer. Here are my mileage goals for the week:

M: Eat lots of cookies/drink wine
T: 5 miles ('mill run)
W: 4 miles ('mill run)
T: Elliptical/Arms
F: 6 miles ('mill run)
S: Rest? Or maybe take a short/slow run if the weather is irresistibly nice and the trails are calling my name...
Su: Long run around White Rock Lake (which I think is 9 miles, someone google that for me, I'm too lazy.)

I'm way crazy super excited about running this week. I love having conversations with other crazy people who are obsessed with running (hi Caitlin! :) It got me motivated to really sit down and make some concrete running goals this year. That means races, mileage, PRs, the whole enchilada. So I'm going to work on that this coming week. I also think it'd be really BA to find a race that gives me an excuse to take a little trip. So if anyone has any suggestions pleaseeee share. 

Happy Monday Y'all!




  1. ahh so many people are into the bachelor but for some reason I can't get into it and I love TV; especially reality TV! I watched the biggest loser last night ;-)

    1. It's the greatest! Have you seen this workout game for watching the biggest loser? It cracked me up!

  2. I've just come across your blog and I must say your writing is so humorous! I just watched The Bachelor last night because I have to wait for it to come online... this is a great season so far!



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