Friday, January 18, 2013

5 Friday Favorites

Hi hi hi! I'm hyper because it's Friday and Fridays are the BEST, as proven earlier today. I'm getting ready for a fun weekend, but I had to share with you all my current favorites:


I don't know if it's just my "generation" (AKA children of the 90's who are still convinced that the Britney & Justin true love era is going to make a sure-fire comeback) but I am OBSESSED with this new jam. Last night I tried really hard to persuade Taylor's mom and brother that this was the greatest song ever. They weren't quite as infatuated as I am. But don't worry JT, I love you.


This article on Yahoo this morning. So sweet.  

This rule book (with more than 150 life rules) was found in a Wal-mart. It was written by two little girls, and contains rules like "Don't bite the dentist" and "If you're going to wet your bed, wear a pull-up." 
I could not agree more. 


I know my love of HIMYM is getting a little excessive, but COME ON. This is hilarious.

I love you Barney. 


I made it all the way to this point without listing ANYTHING edible. That's impressive. Pat on the back for me. But anyways, now it's time.

Mouth watering. Best fried chicken ever. If you don't have a Raising Cane's where you live I feel so sorry for you and if you do have a Raising Cane's where you live and you haven't had it yet, shame on you. You are no friend of mine. 


Les Miserables!

JK. I haven't seen it yet. But I am going tonight! Thanks to the rave reviews from, well everyone, I have really really high expectations and can only assume that it will become an instant favorite. But I will let you know. 


My workout was a little pathetic tonight. Because of a weird schedule this week, I had to wake up Thursday morning and run at 4:30, because I wouldn't have time to get my usual run in. Mornings are rough. But I got my run in and I will admit it's nice to get a workout out of the way in the morning. But I'm sorry, I love my bed way too much to do that all the time. Anyways, I had a six mile treadmill run in the works for tonight, but after a mile my hip was throbbing pretty bad, so I decided to hop off and switch it up with an elliptical workout. I still wanted to get a pretty good workout in, so set the resistance to a 9, and tried my best to keep my MPH above 7.5 and my heart rate right at 170. I was pretty successful, and man that is a workout. I did that for a half hour and was sweating my butt off. So it wasn't a totally wasted trip to the gym.

Tomorrow I'm planning to sleep in, head to the gym for a Bodyflow class (combination of pilates, yoga, and tai-chi) and then go for a bike ride or an easy jog because it's supposed to be a gorgeous 64 degrees tomorrow. 

Who's seen Les Mis??? Please give me your review!

Have you ever had Raising Cane's? What's your favorite fast food fried chicken?



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