Saturday, January 12, 2013

This just got REAL (and playing 5 day catch-up)

I am BEYOND excited. 

Some weeks life gets cray and you catch yourself caring about absolutely nothing except your next meal and when you'll finally get to crawl into bed. That was my week. Which is why sleeping until noon, and taking a three hour nap in the same day is completely acceptable. I've seriously been horizontal all day. Talk about some weekend perfection.

So let's talk about my week.

Like I said, work has been insane. A part of me really likes insane, because I hate being bored. But then there's the part of me that requires lunch and decent bedtimes. That part of me usually wins out. Monday was a long day and my legs were throbbing non-stop from my 8miler the day before. But I knew that my week was going to be crazy so I still had to get in a 5 mile run at the gym. I would like to reiterate that I am still annoyed by the excess of people wandering around and getting in my way. In my defense, if I sound bitter and hateful, it's because I am. But on a more positive note, I'd just read this post about Old Navy's Active line sale, and my gym's lobby area had a display and coupons so I took it as a sign from God that I should probably needed to go shopping. I mean you can't ignore God like that, people.

Well shopping turned out to be a great decision. I left that place with six articles of clothing only spending a total of $38. SUCCESS. I scored a pair of brighter than life red/orange skinnies that I couldn't pass up because I'm automatically attracted to any article of clothing that is cute/hurts peoples eyes. I also got a pair of super comfy compression shorts that make me wish it was summer already, a couple of v-necks, and two of these seamless v-neck compression tanks for EIGHT dollars.

They are amazing and my word of advice to you is run, don't walk, to Old Navy while they are still having this sale. I promise you will thank me. I wish I was rich enough to go back for more. I also wish I was getting paid for this major brag on Old Navy. Oh well.

Also, while we (or me) are posting mirror pics...

My boyfriend is an angel (like 83% of the time). He always comes over for dinner on Wednesdays and then we lay in bed and watch lots of TV (which will come as a huge surprise to you all). This week after he left I was getting ready for bed when and I looked up and saw this note on my mirror:

(You might be getting the impression that I am always in sweatpants or workout gear and only shower on an as-needed basis. You would be correct.)

Go ahead. You can saw awww. Yeah he's sweet, but don't forget about the other 17% where he's farting on me or making me watch football (or worse, doing both at the same time).

I don't think I've talked about food at all yet so it's probably about time for some obligatory food pics, no? I thought so. 

This is my new favorite lunch. I usually buy a bag of spinach or lettuce at the beginning of the week and try to have a salad or two every day until I make it to the weekend where I eat nothing but french fries. But this salad dressing (Annie's light Raspberry Vinaigrette)  is amazing and makes me cry tears of joy. I almost stuck a straw in the bottle and just bypassed the salad all-together. 

Thursday was the best day ever because I got to see my favorite person in the entire world (this girl). We met up for dinner and fro-yo and then headed over to Target where we practiced being hilarious and obnoxious, and turns out we are still really good at it. 

Fancy ottoman.

Before we knew it, it was eleven and Target was all "hey ladies we are closing" which I thought was rude until I realized my bedtime is usually nine. Because my best friend is awesome and realizes how obsessed I am with her she stayed the night with me and we had a high school style slumber party and stayed up until TWO AM. Which seemed like a good idea until I realized I'm not a cool self-employed photographer and I have to be up at 6 on Fridays. Bummer. But totally worth it. 

So I somehow survived Friday and managed to escape work at a reasonable hour, and when I got off, Taylor called to tell me that his friends had decided we were heading out to Top Golf for the night. Neither Taylor or I had ever been and I got him a gift card for Christmas so even though I was running off of four hours of sleep I was pretty excited to check it out.

Well, turns out that place is pretty popular, and there was a two hour wait. Luckily they have a really cool bar and patio area complete with beer buckets and giant Jenga which kept us all pretty well entertained and the two hours flew by. 

Well, fast forward to right now (Saturday). I'm sporting the yoga pants and can count on one hand how many times I've gotten off the couch today. And I'm in love with it. Sometimes you just need a day like this. 

 Tell me about your laziest Saturday!
-Today might just be it.

Who else has checked out Top Golf? Thoughts?

What is your long run for this weekend?
-I'm going out for a ten miler tomorrow, so I'm really hoping it warms up a bit.



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