Sunday, January 6, 2013

Everything about this is embarrassing

You know what goes good with wine? Chocolate. Just throwing that out there.


You know how I know my boyfriend loves me? Because upon seeing this during Sunday afternoon football, he paused the TV to get my attention because he knows this is my favorite guy in the entire world:

Well, I wasn't planning on watching the Super Bowl but I sure as hell will now. 

We are about to have a huge problem on our hands guys. It starts with a B and ends with ACHELOR. That's right. IT. IS. BACK.

I'm in partial panic mode because, y'all, I already watch way too much TV. Haha. NO. It's NOT funny. I'm serious. It brings me a lot of joy and I don't want to talk about it but you all know that just means I'm gonna talk about it. I'm gonna tell you exactly how much I watch so you can see that I truly do have a problem and an intervention is probably necessary. 

But please don't really intervene. 

Okay. Monday-Friday I DVR Ellen. This is fine because Ellen is good people and dances and makes everyone laugh and really makes the world a better place. (If you have the balls to argue this I swear I will punch you in the face.) And I like to watch her when I get home from a crappy day.  No big deal

Except for Ellen, Mondays are free. 

Then there's Tuesday. Tuesdays are just for Ellen, New Girl, Parenthood, and Guiliana and Bill. Don't worry, I prioritize. In order of importance and dearness to my heart: New Girl, Parenthood, Ellen, Guiliana and Bill. 

Wednesdays- Ellen (duh), Modern Family (which I can't cut out because Wednesdays are the nights I cook Taylor dinner and then we watch together because Modern Family is the best), and Chicago Fire (for which I am currently 4 episodes behind).

Thursdays aren't so bad because there's just Ellen (of course) and Grey's Anatomy. Not so bad. 

The good news is that Friday-Saturdays are totally DVR free. But then there's Sundays that are reserved for Sister Wives because OMG come on it's great.

The worst part of that is I'm managing fairly well to juggle the 500 shows that I am already currently committed to. This basically means that anytime I am home the TV is on. It's shameful I know. But here is the real problem. Guess what's about to come back on? The following:


Okay, no, I changed my mind. This is embarrassing. Someone please intervene. 


Do y'all remember how I was bragging on interval runs? They're so awesome, blah blah blah, NO. I lied. My body is still pissed at me for that run on Thursday. I am sore in unmentionable places and I've never felt so out of shape. Which made today's 8 miler a walk in the mother 'effin park. NOPE. I'm lying again. I ached and throbbed the entire time and was a full minute and a half slower than last week, but oh well whatever I got it done. 

Well at least my shoes are cute.
I also used this afternoon's run to try out my GU Chomps. Wanna know something? I think I just hate all fuel. Call me crazy, but when I am running, I don't want to  be chewing. And have y'all seen those GU Chomps? They're like the size of my fist! My mouth is way too small for that. (Don't be dirty.) But really, running and breathing is hard enough. Running and breathing and occasionally drinking water is hard enough. You're saying you want me to run, breathe, drink AND eat?!????!? What?!? You're high. Even though I did experience a burst of energy from mile 7-8, that barely happened. So I take back what I said about the gel. Maybe gel is where it's at. 

I'm going to pretend that my nutritious breakfast choice had absolutely nothing to do with the quality of my run today:

Not pictured: the four cookies I devoured immediately following. 

OMG y'all I almost forgot. Today while I was running I saw a lady SKIING ON THE SIDEWALK WITH WHEELS. I don't know what this is called and my pathetic google search (keywords: skiing on the sidewalk with wheels) returned no results. If you are familiar with this, please educate me. Because it looked awesome and it probably needs to be my new hobby. 

I think I just want to go ahead and apologize for the 4-5 minutes you spent reading this. 
Lots of...



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